In charge of planning our holiday party, I needed to find a corporate DJ fast.

As the executive assistant to the chief executive officer, the business of planning the company’s holiday party fell to me each year. I had done two of these now in this role, and while I loved planning them, I really wanted to do something different this year. It was always catered, which was a necessity, but I wanted to try a different type of food or venue or corporate event entertainment even. I was planning on doing a winter wonderland theme with lots of silver and white decorations, and I hired a different caterer this year. But it was still missing something.

About a month before the party I sent out the invitations to employees and their families, but I was still frantically searching for something, anything to serve as entertainment, even a corporate DJ. But I was running out of time and options, and it is such a busy time of year for bands and DJs in general, with all of the holiday parties happening everywhere. The food was going to be great and I knew it would look beautiful, but if I did not find corporate event entertainment to hire for the party, I was afraid it would be a dud. The previous year we had used an aspiring wedding DJ, but this year I really wanted a live band. I thought that would be such a nice touch, especially with the holiday music we would have played.

It took a lot of phone calls and a lot of favors called in, but I was finally able to pin down the entertainment. A popular local wedding band, they had actually received a cancellation for the same night as our party. The bride and groom were not going through with the wedding as scheduled and would no longer need the band’s services. Coincidentally, I got them on the phone right after the cancellation, and was able to book them immediately. I thanked my lucky stars and then got back to planning the party!

I have always enjoyed planning parties in general, and I love being the hostess. But with such a high profile boss and position, I feel like planning our holiday party is one of the more important pieces that I pull together for the office. Even though I keep my boss running on time to meetings and on track on a daily basis, including helping him remember where to be and when, who to talk to about what topic, and so on, planning the party is one of the more fun ways I contribute to the company. I find that people remember the parties and speak fondly of them, and I like being associated with that each year. I will not stay in this job forever but I hope to continue being charged with the holiday party for as long as I do stay in the position. It is one of the things I love the most about my job and I will miss it terribly whenever the time comes for me to move on.

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Gutter Art Sets You Apart

It may appear that some people are still conducting their business in a straightforward “one-worker-one-customer” model, but the economy makes workers inter-dependent. This is complex-sounding. What I mean to say is that when you go down to the plumber to get a leak fixed, it may appear that this is just one man, working for himself independently, completing a simple transaction with you, the customer. In some sense, there are still people out there that are sole proprietors and independent business owners. But the present emphasis here is that even this plumber is connected and dependent upon a whole set of other businesses. When you get your roof assembled, for instance, it is not just that there is a single roofing company that does everything. In many cases, the workers are contracted, the contractor rents a lot of the machinery, like gutter machines, and the company that rents these gutter machines is running its own business. Just here, to assemble a roof, it takes three different agents (i.e., the worker, the contractor, and the gutter machine renter). Because of this, finding the best way to run a business and assemble a roof helps everyone in theory. The relationship that I want to examine here is that between the renter of the gutter machine and the contractor. Gutter machines are excellent tools for getting tons of work done in a much shorter amount of time. They are also considerably safer. With the growing popularity of sheet metal and steel framed houses and buildings, the buildings materials become more dangerous as you lift them way above the ground. Gutter machines can make this much safe for workers. They also are able to great seamless roofs that protect against water. But the trick of this is how a contractor would choose between renters of gutter machines. The machines themselves would be the same, assuming they are the same type of gutter machine. What then? One way that renters of gutter machines can separate themselves and something for contractors to look for is the availability of gutter art. Gutter art are aesthetic improvements emblazoned on the gutters. People do not often think of the creative opportunity for aesthetic improvements on gutters. It is not unlike the spandrels of Spanish cathedrals. Spandrels are the areas between the posts and arcs in a cathedral doorway. Instead of leaving these areas, which are structurally necessary, blank, the cathedral builders inlayed beautiful designs. They were so beautiful and intricate that everyday observers thought that the arches were built in such a way to create that space upon which to put these designs. In fact, they have to be there, just like a gutter. And like the spandrels of Spanish cathedrals, gutter art can improve the look of a roof in these forgotten spaces. They can also help a renter distinguish him or herself from the competition. In this way, this whole chain of interconnectedness is improved. The customer gets a better product, and so the contractor makes more profit. Everyone is happy.

New Tech Machinery

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Bullied Growing Up, I Chose To Have A Facelift Before Going To My High School Reunion

Growing up, I had been bullied more than I care to admit now. I wore braces, of course: the old ugly metal kind that nowadays can be replaced with sleek, almost invisible braces. I also wore glasses starting at around age twelve, because I was nearsighted and my parents would not let me wear contact lenses because they were too expensive and they did not think I would be able to take care of them. To top it all off, I also had terrible acne, and the harsher acne treatments prescribed to me by my physician were too hard on me and the side effects forced me to eventually give up on them. As a teenager, these were the toughest years of my life and they were not made any easier by my classmates. I did have some friends, but the sleeker, athletic, popular kids in my school always made me feel inferior and like I would never live up to them.

For a while I bought into it and thought they were probably right. My self esteem plummeted and my parents tried hard to build me back up but there was no replacement for how awkward I looked, and felt, and I withdrew a lot. I threw myself into school work and my after school job, and focused on how I could get out of high school as quickly as possible and how to improve my looks and self esteem after doing so. Eventually things started to let up, as they are wont to do. The braces came off my junior year of high school, and as an early graduation present, my parents decided to allow me to get contact lenses. The summer between junior and senior years was amazing, and I felt inspired when I came back to school in the fall without braces and without my glasses. I still had some acne and scars lingering, but I was no longer hiding behind glasses or braces.

I rejoined the swim team, which I had always loved to do, and got excited about college, which I ended up loving. Those years were so much better than high school. Recently I got my ten year high school reunion invitation in the mail, and I decided it was time to have a little cosmetic surgery. I had a few acne scars left and some sun damage that was starting to take its toll, so I decided to have a facelift a few months before the reunion. Within a few weeks I had scheduled the facelift and was getting so excited about going back for my reunion and showing off how much I had grown up in spite of being bullied.

The initial moment of dread I had when I received the invitation went away quickly. I realized I was not that same person and I had come so far, including a very successful career. I went back to the reunion and was complemented left and right for how good I looked, and was satisfied to see how many of my former bullies were gaining some weight and not doing nearly so well as they probably thought they would be doing.

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Helping homeowners with custom window coverings

One of the best parts of my job is getting to help homeowners, new and seasoned, pick out and install custom window coverings. As an interior designer, this is something that I enjoy helping people do, because they often don’t know that there are customer window coverings options out there for them to take advantage of. Its so much easier to just go order the perfect sized and looking window coverings for the room, so that no matter how you want it to look, you are not constrained by the window coverings that you can find in the stores and on the shelves. When I take a customer through a re design of their home or one room, they are not constrained by what they have hanging over their windows. Instead, that is a part of the redesign, and we are able to develop and create what we want those window coverings to look like. The custom window coverings are the extra piece that is added at the end to draw the whole new room together.

The first step is to meet with the customer to see if we work well together. If we have the same understanding of what interior design is, then we will have a second meeting in the space that is going to be redesigned. If the space is something that I can work with, then we start the collaboration. The process is really all about collaboration. We will design and develop, and the meet with the customer and re design until we have landed on what is perfect for them in that house and that space.  We include the redesign of the room, but also the additional items like the custom window coverings. Because we have to get all the furniture and the window covering and all the other accessories made or ordered, we have to get that hammered out together in the beginning, as the ordering and creation of the custom items can take a really long time some times. So one of the most important parts of my job, after beginning work on the job, is to ensure that the customer is ready for those custom window coverings, and they are ordered and being created while we work on all the other pieces and parts of a remodel and redesign of the space. They won’t be happy in the end if all the ends are not tied up well, and they won’t be if the custom pieces and accents aren’t ordered. The window coverings must be up and perfect, as well as the couch, the pillows, the throw rugs, and all the other smaller accessories that will bring the room together in the end. Those custom pieces are the part that is the most important, and they need to be ready when the room is ready, otherwise the impact of our work is lost. This is part of why I love my job so much, and love working with homeowners so much. I get to make that happen.

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Choosing Dogs for Sales from Humane Pet Stores

Are you looking to purchase dogs for sale? There are a number of considerations that you should take note of when you evaluate pet stores.

First point of consideration is the area where the dogs for sale are being displayed. Is it clean? The enclosures of these pet stores should not be filled with old feces or accrued dried (and rotting) pet foods. The substrate should be clean and suitable for animals. The drinking bowls should contain fresh and clean water. All utensils and furnishings should be clean, as well.

dogs for sale

which dog do you like?

Some pet stores tend to disregard the size of the cages and cramp more animals than is healthy for them. Cages and enclosures should have enough space in order to allow the animals to thermo-regulate themselves. In addition to space, the animals should be provided with sufficient food so that the animals do not compete with each other as aggressive animals can cause injury to the other animals.

Be sure you do not get dogs for sale suffering from starvation. Signs of dehydration and starvation include loose, saggy and dull skin, jutting hip bones, and sunken or swollen eyes. Such conditions can be caused by inappropriate food, incorrect food serving sizes, mouth rot, or swollen jaws. While several animals arrive at pet stores already emaciated, you should check if the store is able to help the animal recover. In addition, observe whether the staff feed the animals forcefully or properly.

Also make sure that you look for ticks and mites. You don’t want to get a pet with parasites, especially ones that are left untreated. Check for excessive fluids around the nose and mouth. When an animal is gaping or breathing through an open mouth, it may be suffering from a respiratory infection. Evaluate for possibilities of lacerations and abscesses, mouth sores or plaques, dietary problems, possible fractures, and infections.

Other considerations include the specialization of the pet stores. For example, Just Pets Co specializes in dogs for sale. These also refer to the supplies and services that the store provides. Do they have ample products for the care of the animals you buy from them? Do they have a wide array of option for pet food? Can they provide grooming services when necessary? Are their staff professionals or well-trained to assist you in rearing your pets? These may be useful for you, especially if you are a first-time pet owner.

You should also consider whether the pet stores’ staff are honest in their dealings with you. Choose a shop that provides you with truthful information, particularly those that pertain to an animal’s background and the care it received in their store. Many stores will blame their suppliers for giving them defective animals but you can determine whether the condition of the animal is from the suppliers’ end or due to improper care by the staff. If majority of the animals they sell are either sick or have problems, then it is most likely that the issue is not with the supplier.

There are a lot of good pet stores out there, including Just Pets Co.

Post-surgical patient gets infection and ultimately requires a dental implant

In her early twenties, Cassie was admitted to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. She had not been feeling well for a couple of days but figured it was just a stomach bug and was trying to push through it. She finally collapsed at work and her co-workers had her rushed to the hospital, where the doctors realized her appendix was going to burst and she needed to have it out immediately.

They got it out in time and she recovered quite nicely, and was able to go home within a couple of days. However, a couple of days after being released from the hospital she was in her periodontist’s office with a toothache, which was especially odd considering she was not eating very much post-operation either. The periodontist was extremely concerned that she had contracted an infection at the hospital, and wanted to run some tests. He was right to be concerned. The tests came back positive for infection, and her tooth was being destroyed by the infection as they spoke.

He did not want to send her back to the hospital, since that was where she had gotten sick, but he sent his dental hygienist to the pharmacy for antibiotics. He was going to have the tooth extracted right there in his office, because he was afraid it was going to spread quickly otherwise. At the moment it was still contained, so she agreed to have the tooth extracted. Once the infection appeared to have cleared up, he could have a dental implant put in in its place so she would not be walking around for the rest of her life with a tooth missing. Cassie was shocked, but grateful she had gone in, and she also got the periodontist on the phone with her primary care doctor to make sure they were both on the same page before he did anything else with her tooth.

She called her boyfriend to let him know she was going to need a ride home and would have to leave her car at the dentist’s office for another day, and he left work early to come and wait while she had the tooth extracted, and then took her home. She went in each day after that for check ups for nearly a week so that he could make sure the infection had not spread, and she also visited her primary care doctor while she was at it, so he could keep an eye on the surgical wound from the appendectomy. Cassie was having a rough week, to say the least, but she is still grateful that she came out of this missing only a tooth and her appendix. One of those can be replaced and the other is not necessary for survival, so she is in pretty good shape.

Hospital acquired infections are a big problem for many patients, so it is wise to return to the doctor’s office if you sense anything is not right after being discharged from a surgery. It could even save your life!

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There are many types of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal and reduction is not nearly as arduous a process as some might think. In fact, it is actually a lot easier than you might imagine! When you go to a specialist like Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics you know that you are not only going to get great service, but you are also going to get an easy and successful hair removal visit!

Some types of hair removal are more complicated than others simply due to the nature of the unwanted hair. We all know that unwanted hair crops up in the most inconvenient places, but it can be hard to figure out what the best treatment option is, depending on your style and the amount of hair you need to get removed. Hair removal processes vary based on the amount of unwanted hair, the type of you are looking to remove, and the color of the hair as well as the skin tone on which the hair appears. Some people suffer from congenital or genetic conditions that increase the amount of hair in some areas of their body. Regardless, there is a treatment amount that is right for you! laser hair removal has gotten simpler and safer over the years. It is a quick solution to your unwanted hair problems. Two types of lasers can be used to solve this problem. The first type of laser is called the Cynosure Laser with TKS. With the cynosure laser with TKS, three to four treatments is all it takes to get rid of this unwanted hair. The laser is a gentle beam and can be used on men and women alike. The treatment is quick and painless, as the laser simply emits a gentle energy beam that passes through the patient’s layer of skin down to the hair follicles. The energy then turns into heat, and that heat damages the hair follicle through a scientific principle known as Thermokinetic Selectivity. This makes the cynosure laser a very effective method for reducing unwanted hair. The only down falls of this treatment are that it cannot be used on areas near the eyes and cannot be used on blonde hair, as blonde hair does not respond to the laser treatment. If you have a tan, you should also wait until the tan fades away to get the treatment. Almost everybody is a candidate for this type of laser hair removal treatment. The treatment has to be repeated since the hair follicles lie dormant for some period of time; multiple treatments ensure that all the hair has been treated and the follicles terminated.

The Apogee Elite Laser also performs the laser hair removal treatment. This new type of laser technology is unique in that it targets an area or a hair follicle and the light energy is able to damage the hair follicle without hurting the surrounding skin. This is the same laser that is used for treating veins, and it works on every skin type. With this treatment, often only one session is necessary to complete the process.

Cosmetic Dentistry Pairs Well With Dental Health

             Finding the right medical professionals to serve your family’s different needs can be a tricky task. This is particularly challenging when there are a diverse set of needs that need to be met. When there are opportunities to overlap the services with needs, that is just one less thing on your to-do list. This is entirely possible with a cosmetic dentist. A cosmetic dentist specializes in the way that you teeth look, but he or she is able to double as your garden variety dentist. Ultimately, there is only a difference in emphasis. Because of this, you are able to go with the dentist that has a specialization in cosmetic dentistry and only occasionally see your general practice dentist. It may sound a little crazy or miserly, but there is good reason for this.


The beauty of your teeth can be a game changer for you and the way that you present yourself to the office and, generally, to the world. It can give you a lift of confidence that is hard to come by. It is the first thing that people look at it. It is hard to listen to a person without noticing their smile. But the beauty of your smile hinges upon the health of your smile. With other parts of the body, it is possible to have someone look good while actually being quite unhealthy. Our beauty standards and expectations for good looks can often go to ridiculous extremes that spill over into the realm unhealthiness. This is not the case with the health of your teeth. Instead, you have to have a healthy mouth and smile in order to have a beautiful one. That is because a lack of bacteria will result in good looking gums and good smelling breath. The bacteria are the sources of bad gums and poor breath. Plague, on the other hand, is what causes that discoloration. If you get rid of the plague, you will get rid of any unnatural color. The natural color of your teeth is white, which is what we already associate with beauty.


So in order for a cosmetic dentist to do his or her job, he or she has to make sure that your smile is free of bacteria and of plague. This sounds like a general practice dentists, does it not? Instead of going to both dentists an equal number of times, your cosmetic dentist will be able to take care of most of your needs on a regular basis. Your general practice dentist does have some emphases and specialties that are valuable. The present point is not that you should neglect your general practice dentist. Instead, you still need to visit this dentist. The difference is that you do not have to visit this dentist as regularly as you normally would, and you definitely do not have to double up on both dentists an equal number of times. A cosmetic dentist will do a great deal of what your general practice dentist will do.


AAA Concrete Raising Is On The List Of Preferred Contractors

Have you ever had a bad experience with a contractor of any kind? Like, have you needed some work done on your house or property and then chosen someone to do the work, only to be completely dissatisfied with the results? I’m guessing that a lot of you who are reading this answered with an unequivocal “yes” and would probably all agree that is was an unpleasant experience. No one likes to deal with anything that would be considered unpleasant, unless you’re a masochist, but for the sake understanding what’s going to come next, let’s assume we all agree with that statement because we don’t like painful or unpleasant experiences. Let’s bring up an example of something common that people have to deal with when it comes to home repair and/or improvement, and we’ll discuss ways to make sure we hire the right person for the job. Let’s say that you’ve got slab of concrete leading up to your front doorway and it’s slipped out of place over the course of time and is no longer flush. Do you even have any idea where to start? It doesn’t seem like something that you’ll be able to handle by yourself, so you start to do some research. What needs to be done and what do they even call it? Well, if the concrete slab sunk then it needs to be raised, so when we combine concrete with the idea of raising it then we get what’s called concrete raising. There’s actually an industry that is solely dedicated to handling these kinds of situations, but like any other industry, one company is not necessarily equal to the other. So, what information are you going to use to make sure that whoever it is that you hire to do the job is the right man for the job? Let me help you with that using the concrete raising or mudjackingmudjacking industry as an example. Depending on where you live, you may have a trusted consumer advocate who fights for the rights of the people in situations where companies have performed less than satisfactorily. In Denver, for example, there is a consumer advocate and his name is Tom Martino. This particular individual has been fighting for the rights of consumers in the area for more than 20 years, and he has formed a list of trusted and preferred contractors in every industry. Customer satisfaction is the name of the game as far as he’s concerned, and if a company treats a customer unfairly or if they downright wrong their customers, Tom Martino places them on what’s called his “Sleeze Brigade” list. When this happens, it often puts the business effectively out of business, or they quickly begin working diligently with Tom and their unsatisfied customers to solve the problem. So, in this case it’s pretty simple; just go to the Tom Martino preferred list of contractors and you’ll find that AAA concrete raising is on the list. If you were to research the matter further, you’d find that they have zero unresolved customer complaints and are the best in the business.

AAA Concrete Raising Company

6116 Russell Court

Arvada CO  80403

(303) 526-2222

Learning all about window treatments

One of the things that people never tell you when you take on the task of learning how to redecorate your home is that you are going to have to spend a lot of time learning about window treatments. I have never even considered window treatments in the past, but that just goes to show you how important they are and yet how invisible. They are really a necessity to pulling together a room, and they are also required to be somewhat over looked. You notice right away when there are no window treatments in a home, no blinds or shades or anything. Because the windows look bare and empty, and they make the house feel bare and empty as well. But when the right window treatments are there, weather it be blinds or shades or shutters, or even something else like valances, then you don’t really notice the window treatments themselves, but you do notice the feeling and the look of the room as a whole.  This is why it is so important to recognize and understand the whole world of window treatments, because you need to select the right option so that it will fit perfectly with the space, and not be out of touch or out of place in the area. And there are a lot of choices that you can make when it comes to window treatments that are not going to fit and are not going to be right, which is why you need to spend so much time learning about them.

window treatmentsFirst I had to look at the different options that are out there, and I had to decide what style would go with my area and the feeling that I am trying to get from the whole thing. I had to decide between shutters, blinds, or shades. Since they all offer something completely different, and they all bring a different look and feel to a room, I had to make sure that I made the right choice when it came to that and didn’t go off the wrong way. Because if I chose shades when really shutters would have been better, then the room would never really come together. It would always be off, even if I had spent time and energy on all the rest of the pieces of the puzzle. After you choose the style that you want to go with, then you have to learn about all the different options that are available in that style, including the fabric choices or the wood choices. There are textures and colors, degrees of sheerness and sheen. Things that I never considered before that I found myself agonizing over. But I had to get the right look if I was going to go to all the trouble of redoing the space. So, that is what I did. I learned everything there was to learn about window treatments, in the hopes that what I chose would be the perfect match for my space and I would be successful with the transformation.

How Golden Solar Can Help You Install A Solar Carport

 With the emergence of hybrid technology in cars, the market for energy efficient cars has grown exponentially over the course of time.  Many people have considered making the switch from their ordinary gas guzzler, but do not have the income to purchase a brand new car which will take advantage of alternate energy resources.  Even though some car owners decide to make the transition to a hybrid vehicle, they aren’t always aware of the next step to getting an energy efficient vehicle.  While hybrid vehicles are definitely a step of from normal cars that run exclusively on gasoline, they come nowhere close to the energy efficiency of pure electric cars.

    Many people are making the switch to electric energy, which is doing a great job for saving on natural resources.  While Golden Solar offers many options for fitting your house will a full array of solar panels, they are also thinking a few steps ahead of the game by offering Solar Carport installation.  By harnessing the power of the sun and thinking ahead, Golden Solar’s installations can also power electric plugin vehicles, or EPVs, by installing charging stations in your garage or carport.  This is definitely one of the most forward thinking progressions not only in the automotive industry, but also in the energy industry as well.  Golden Solar is one of the few solar companies to offer this installation.

    By investing in an all electric vehicle, customers who decide to install a solar carport will see a far more reliable and energy efficient way to travel.  The solar carport operates just like many of Golden Solar’s solar panel systems, but diverts the energy to the all electric battery in your electric plugin vehicle.  Not only will this save you money on gasoline, but it will also give you a text credit as well!  This specific tax credit will cover thirty percent of the purchase price and installation, which will considerably reduce the investment you have put into the solar carport.  In addition to the tax credit to save you money, the solar carport can also be connected to the rest of the electric system in your household, saving you even more money on your monthly energy bill.

    By purchasing a Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Plug-in Prius, Tesla Model S, or any other kind of electric plugin vehicle, you’ll be able to take advantage of Golden Solar’s solar arrays to not only save money for yourself, but to improve the quality of the world when it comes to saving precious natural resources.  Converting to an all electric car will, of course, save you money when it comes to spending on gasoline, but will also save you money with tax credits and also on your utility bills.  If you already have a solar array built into your home, definitely consider installing a solar carport to supplement your energy savings.  Remember, this service is not only available to domestic households, but it is also available to corporations and businesses, so it will also be a benefit to your employees as well.

Water damage restoration companies help save the day!

water damageI lived at home a little longer than other teenagers did. I stayed at home until I was 19 and then I moved up to Alaska to live with my mother’s brother. It was ill timed on my part because of the water damage my mother’s home experienced while I was gone. She could have certainly used my help. My home growing up was in the middle of a hill. Our driveway was very steep down to the street, but our backyard sloped up and away from us which created a perfect incline for water to come cascading down when the rain came down fast in the spring and summer. And the way it rained in my home town you would believe it unless you had seen rain this thick. The water droplets were huge. Just one alone could get you considerably wet. And it would come down in sheets and sheets to where you would be drenched in a matter of seconds. Another piece is it wouldn’t stop raining for hours! It would just keep going and there would be inches of water standing on the ground because it was coming down so heavy and so fast. I have lived in the desert much of my adult life and we just don’t get rain like that here.

My mother called me one day while I was living in Alaska and she told me they had gotten another big rain and that the house flooded. She said there was water all throughout the house. When I was younger it flooded only in the living room and we were able to get the water out and not have to worry too much about the damage the water caused to the floors. This time, she said, was totally different and the damager was much worse than the times before. I felt so badly I wasn’t going to be there to help her clean it all up but fortunately she called a professional water restoration service that helped her deal with all the mess that had accumulated in the house. She told me not to feel bad about being away because she was getting all the help that she needed. It was better to have only one person in the house at this point because there wasn’t a lot of space to sleep that wasn’t messed up by the flood.

Once all of the initial drama about the flooding had come about, I finally asked her about our things. Unfortunately the water damaged anything that was on the floor or on the first shelf of any of my bookshelves. I lost a bible that my father had given me when I was in the fourth grade and went to church camp. It was the only one I had that had my name inscribed on the front. There were several other books that weren’t entirely ruined but the front covers peels off and some of the pages disintegrated around the edges. My mother did the best she could to save other things and with the help of the restoration company, we were able to salvage the carpet.

Uranium Mining Fuels the Nation

             We are in the middle of a national debate about energy costs, energy extraction, and the environment. There is a broader conversation about the environment happening the United States and globally. And it is no wonder why this conversation about the environment is connected to energy extraction. There is very good research out there that shows that pollution and industrial production are directly proportional. But this trend may change because of one, single factor: technology. There is reason to believe this because technological innovation has similar effects of other production trends.

One reaction to the coupling of environmental degradation and energy production is to withdraw. The reaction of some is to punt on technology and revert to a ‘simpler’ time. Now, at this point, I must be quite clear. What I am thinking of here is quite different than a desire to refrain from wasting energy. This is different. Riding your bike to work instead of driving or recycling something when you could have pitched it is a different affair. I am thinking of those that become fearful of using any kind of energy. I would argue that this is a well-intention though ultimately misguided ethos. The reason is that energy production, such as uranium mining, fuels the nation. Whether you like or not, or even if you know it or not, you are using energy all of the time. The tools that you use for work, the lights in your house, and almost everything else are using some kind of fuel. When we think about energy costs, we often think of oil. There are a number of reasons for this, probably the largest being that oil production is a politically sensitive topic in the global sphere. But electricity is probably a more ubiquitous form of energy. Uranium production companies come to the fore, then, because uranium is used for the production of electricity.


uranium production

Uranium production, then, offers a number of interesting advantages over other forms of energy and fuel. Electricity is an alternative to oil. People are already picking up on this with electric cars. Electric cars are great ways for the everyday person to decrease their carbon footprint. The preference for electricity over oil ends up making uranium more valuable, thus raising uranium stocks. Uranium has also been on the receiving end of some big technological and research developments that seek to make its production sustainable and clean. Just because we are seeing that electric cars are environmentally preferable to gas cars does not mean that uranium production is not without its hazards. Uranium mining companies also have to be careful and mindful about the practices that they use to go about the extraction and mining of the material. They have the looming lesson of the past in mind, namely the coal mining of Virginia. This lesson guides the way for better mining practices, which then give us the fuel that we are not, admittedly, dependant upon. At this point, the only way out is up. We cannot go backwards. Making fuel production better is the way of the future.

Energy Fuels Resources Corp.

225 Union Blvd., Suite 600

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This message goes out to anyone in the Brooklyn and Queens area in need of a good plumber. I recently had a wonderful experience with a company called a good plumber Inc. and I wanted to share it with everyone. I know some of you may find this ridiculous but for those of you who like to thoroughly research a company before hiring anyone this will be a useful tool. The reason some people decide to do such research is because they want to know whomever they let in their house to perform plumbing, cable TV work or any other installation is safe and will not harm their family. This is New York City after all and you can’t just trust every person who walks through your door. So then, it’s good to know that every single plumber who works for a good plumber Inc. has been thoroughly checked with both a criminal background check and a preemployment drug screen. When you are alone in your apartment with a stranger from a company it is incredibly comforting to know that the person you’re with is safe and will not harm you. Beyond that you can be happy knowing that this company has over 20 years experience helping New Yorkers fix their faucets, toilets, piping and plumbing repair. It’s a name you can trust with people you will love. Their value and emphasis on customer service is unparalleled in the industry and it is apparent by their growth and success. All over New York people associate the name a good plumber Inc. with excellent service and the finest craftsmanship available.

I had to call this plumbing company when my water heater stopped working. I set up an appointment for water heater repair and was happy to see that they were only booked a few weeks out. After I made my appointment they actually called me back to say that something had opened up and they would be able to repair my water heater by the end of the week. It was very unexpected but it was the first of many pleasant surprises they had in store for me.
When the weekend came my plumber Johnny showed up right on time. He greeted me with a smile and a handshake and I let him in. He said I was welcome to watch him work if I wanted but he was so friendly and I knew he had been checked out so I gave him his space and let him work. I even dropped off a soda for him because he was so kind. Before long he emerged from the basement and told me that the new water heater had been installed in the plumbing was working fine. I never knew something could be installed that quickly and I thanked him for his efforts.
The least I can do after such a wonderful experience with a good plumber Inc. is to get online and spread the word about them. There are many plumbing companies in this big city all vying for your dollar but none as good as these guys.

Nanotechnology And Motion Control Systems Are The Wave Of The Future

It is harder than ever to get a job immediately following graduation from college. Just a few years after the recession, the economy is recovering but employment has not returned to its pre-recession levels and recent college graduates are still having a very difficult time finding meaningful employment. They are fortunate now that their health insurance is not tied to getting a job but it is still very difficult to find work, especially in certain fields. Liberal arts majors, psychology majors, and others struggle to find paying jobs in their fields, often resorting to unpaid internships while living with their parents.

There are several industries, however, that do have significantly higher employment rates for recent graduates. Engineering students, especially those who studied nanotechnology and its precision linear motion systems applications, are poised to do very well for themselves. There are a lot of start-ups and existing firms who require expertise in precision air bearings and other similar systems in order to keep up with market competition. More so than ever, technology is operating on a microscopic level that could never have been imagined even just a few short decades ago. Ordinary people who do not have a background in this type of material still cannot even imagine the level on which these technologies operate.

Not everyone has a natural knack for motion control systems, and that is understandable. Studying these systems requires in-depth understanding of mathematics, physics, and aerodynamics, as well as other types of technology and fields of study. Many students entering college are not adequately prepared to study this type of field. If more emphasis could be placed on math and science and computer technology in elementary and high school, then more students could be better prepared and intrigued by the field. Parents are concerned about their children getting jobs after high school and college, and much can be done to get them interested in the math and science fields. They have overwhelmingly higher employment rates after graduation than most of the liberal arts majors.

The economy is certainly recovering in the United States as well as globally, but the world is changing as quickly as ever. The countries who invest in these technologies and stay ahead in scientific fields will be the ones who come out ahead faster. The world’s greatest powers will be those with the best medicine, security systems, and technological advances to keep their populations healthy and safe, and ever competitive in the field. Globalization means that every nation must work harder to stay competitive and our greatest asset is our people, and our entrepreneurial spirit. Getting more kids involved in math and science will continue to move the United States forward and help its economic recovery both in the short term and in the long term. If this is technology we were incapable of even imagining just a few decades ago, consider what might happen over the next few decades in terms of technological advances, and then think about whether you want to be a part of it.

air bearing motion systems

Whether The 203k Loan Or FHA Loan Is Right For You, It Is Critical To Do Your Homework Before Buying A Home

Deciding to become a home buyer for the first time can be very stressful, exciting, and anxiety producing, all at the same time. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a home. The neighborhood, square footage, potential resale value, and the value of the other homes in the neighborhood all factor in. Even before actually looking for a home itself to purchase, there are multiple considerations that need to be factored into the equation. The type of loan, the amount of the loan you qualify for, and the down payment required are all extremely important. For example, if the minimum required down payment will take you a year to save up, then all of the other questions are not even really a factor at this moment in time.

The amount of down payment can vary drastically depending on the type of loan, however, so it is definitely worth doing some research into the various options before attempting to figure out how much to save and how long it might take. You could be surprised thinking that you need a minimum of twenty percent down on a home, only to find out that an FHA loan in Colorado might only require that you have four percent to put down on the home and you could have invested in purchasing a home sooner than you thought. If you are looking for a fixer upper, a 203k loan might be the right type for you. They typically have lower requirements for down payments but higher interest rates because fixer uppers are riskier properties for a bank to back financially.

If you are a Veteran, a VA loan might be the type for you. Typically with no down payment required and lower interest rates, these loans encourage those who have served the United States in uniform  to purchase a home in which to settle down. Once you have decided on the right type of loan for you, and determined that you do meet the qualifications and have the right credit to be able to take out the loan, it is best to determine what the going rate for a home is in the market you want to live in. Factor in the percentage you need to save up to qualify depending on the loan you’ve selected, and figure out how much you can set aside each month. Once you have done all of this, you will know how long it will take you to save and give you an estimated time frame for when you might be able to purchase your new home.

If you are currently living with a lease, it will give you an idea of how long to keep that for, or when it might be time to move, depending on whether they align well or not. There are so many different things to think about when purchasing a home and it can be very daunting. The important thing is to take your time and do as much research as possible. Taking a home buyer education class can be a great way to get started and familiarize yourself with some of the issues above.

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What is an online CRM

What is an online CRM? This is exactly the question I asked myself when my marketing firm decided to set up online project management software for our company.  Many of our younger and more tech-savvy employees were excited about this idea.  I, however, was not.  I was already way behind the curve when it came to modern marketing techniques.  I was sixty years old, had worked at the same marketing firm for 30 years, and was completely out of touch with the world of internet technology.  When I got into the marketing field, it was as a writer. I was hired to write compelling content, work with organizations on crafting their message, and engaging their audiences.  I was never trained how to write an exciting 142 letter tweet, or how to use Facebook to market to the masses.  My clients valued my writing skills and my ability to look at a business, and immediately see the things that should be leading their marketing campaigns.  However, as time changed, and the digital marketing became more popular, the services I offered became less and less desirable.  Even though I was one of the senior marketing directors at my firm, I felt overshadowed by younger employees who were able to generate 1000 new Facebook followers in a matter of hours.  If these things were already so far out of my grasp, how was I going to learn how to use an online database to carry out my marketing activities.

When we first started using our online CRM, we allowed some of the more technologically inclined people start first.  They were able to customize it and set it up so it fit in well with what we needed it for.  I was one of the last to get set up.  It took three days of training for me to get started.  To my surprise, it was surprisingly simple! The first day was spent just trying to explain to me the concept of an online CRM.  This was described to me as a web-based tool, which stores all of our important marketing information.  All of our contacts will be in an online database, and our marketing campaigns will be managed through online project management tools.  So, the contacts which I have stored in either hard copy or my email, were slowly added to the system. Once they were in, I was amazed at how easy it was for me to find them!! A simple search could provide me with all of the information I would need on a certain individual or company.  I was beginning to warm up to this new system.  Then, we created a space for all of my marketing projects.  I was taught how to create a new project for each marketing campaign I was in charge of.  With each of these projects, I could set goals, visualize my success towards milestones, assign tasks to various team members, and even carry out direct marketing activities, such as sending out newsletters to a certain mailing list of clients.  Within a couple of months, my company’s new online CRM system became something I couldn’t imagine working without.  If I can learn how to use it, so can you.

Stunning web designs for restaurant owners

restaurant seo

Before I open this restaurant I was told that the most important thing for my success was location. “Location, location, location.” Is what I was told over and over and over again. It is the reason why I ended up spending over my budget to acquire this restaurant space and why my prices were initially so hot. As it turns out though, physical location is important but it isn’t the most important thing. What matters most is being proactive and finding your potential customer base and giving them a reason to come visit you. If you have a great website and an aggressive marketing campaign people will come to your restaurant whether it is an and ideal location or not. I learned this through self observation while my restaurant struggles for two years and after talking with the restaurant marketing Gurus. This is a restaurant marketing firm I have been working with recently in order to help prop up my sagging sales. I chose the marketing Gurus because they have a proven track record of giving company success in the digital marketing world. They explained to me that the physical location of a store is no longer as important as having a website. Being visible and relevant online has become the new most important factor you can achieve and they can help you do that.

How can they help you become more visible online? For one thing they can offer you restaurant SEO articles that will help boost your search results rating. For my restaurant, which is a steakhouse, I rely on many people doing local searches to find restaurants in their area. When a potential customer types in the word “steakhouse” into a search engine they’re only likely to visit the first few restaurants that pop up in the search results page. Therefore, even though you may have given your restaurant a web design that is stunning and eye-catching, it may not matter if people don’t see the link for it.
Much of what I learned came from the restaurant marketing Guru’s analytics and reporting. By carefully analyzing every bit of data that comes in via my website or marketing campaign, they are able to focus on which areas are successful and wear my demographic lives. They can help you gain exposure and credibility over social media as well. Sites like Facebook and Google plus have become major platforms for restaurants and companies to expose their business. I like to think of marketing as an investment in my company and investing online it will give me up to eight times greater ROI than conventional advertising. Restaurant marketing is seeing a revolution and I want to be on the first wave.
With the help of the marketing Gurus and their amazing restaurant web design I have seen my initial sales for the month spiked dramatically and I hope to continue that in the future. Location may be important but not as important as staying visible and reputable on the web.

Never fear, the locksmith is here!

You know that terrifying moment when you realize that you have locked your keys in your car? The moment you realize that there is no getting in, and no getting out, and you have no idea what to do? This is one of the many reasons that a locksmith is a very helpful person to have on hand to call for help. These times in your life could either be very stressful, or very simply remedied. All you need to decide is whether or not you will struggle along, trying to figure out what to do, or call 5280 Locksmith‘s emergency line to solve the problem quickly and without stress!

When it comes to selecting an emergency locksmith, you are probably in the midst of this already stressful situation. You probably are not thinking ahead of time and putting a phone number in your phone for an emergency situation. That is not necessarily an issue, except that when you find yourself in this situation, you will probably be too concerned with an immediate solution to think about finding a locksmith that is going to give you the very best deal and help you through what can be a very frustrating and very stressful situation. While there are many commercial locksmiths in the Aurora, Colorado area, choosing a locksmith that is right for you makes a huge difference in how a stressful situation can end up going. That is why using Lakewood Locksmith means that you will be able to rest at ease, knowing that you are not going to be ripped off and that you will be receiving the best customer service in the industry. In fact, that is truly what sets them apart from the others. You will not have to worry about the little stressful things when you know that you are being taken care of by a business that not only knows the best ways to solve the problem but will take care of you in no time at all. Their emergency contact line is especially helpful. You never know what time of day or night you may run into a situation like this, and you do not want to be left in the lurch. Their locksmiths are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred and sixty five days a year so that you can find the help you need in any situation you find yourself in. They can be reached via email or by phone and will arrive in no time at all. In fact, they guarantee that they will arrive at your location within thirty minutes of your call. You will have help before you know it, and you will not be left standing outside your locked car or house for too long at all. Plus, they work to make their services cost effective. No price hikes just because you are in a tight situation and need help immediately! Their services are honest, straightforward and ready to help you. Call them today!

Adult Braces Help Align Adult Teeth

The human body has its own route of growth and development through the years. Some of its very obvious changes are the ones manifested physically and can be observed such as change in height, growing of hair and nails and change in body structure—thinner or fatter.

Likewise, the human teeth, like any other body part, grows and changes with age. These changes cannot be observed directly and in everyday lives such as the change in voice from being soft to being more compact as people grow older and the change in bodily processed where girls have menstruation at adolescence.

adult braces

braces for adults

These changes in the human body seem so sudden because people cannot observe it morphing. With this, it is difficult to adjust in a way that it cannot interfere in the usual everyday living. These changes in the body, those that are unobservable, create stress even.

This is the reason why people opt to have adult braces in compensation of the growing or changing teeth formation. The teeth shift its formation starting upon adolescence. It might shift even one more during the adult stage, where adult braces are essential, before it totally dies and fall one by one in late adulthood.

Though it is not common for adults to wear braces as much as teens do, the discomfort of the shift in teeth formation is something that is a valid concern that needs to be addressed while it can still be shifted or aligned through adult braces.

However, for adult teeth, which are relatively more stable, it would be harder for adult braces to do the job. It would take longer time for the braces to align the teeth after adolescence as it tries to fit in permanently before it naturally falls off the gums.

An adult may be wearing the braces for at least 18 months to three years. This is really more braces time in one’s life compared to the average six months for teen braces.

Consulting your orthodontist is the best way to have your teeth aligned. There are various orthodontic interventions that he or she can if you do not like to have adult braces because of the discomfort that the shift in teeth formation will give you. It would be annoying to be inconvenienced everyday because one cannot give the healthy smile because of some teeth misalignment.

Your dentist’s evaluation of your orthodontic problems might be that it is better for you not to have any braces and you would no longer need to wear any braces for three years of your adult life. Still, smiling with braces that look good and formal would be better than smiling with crooked teeth, or worse, not smiling at all in the workplace.

The benefit of having adult braces still outweighs the cost of. The possibility of having a great smile even after three years, than a bad teeth formation through the years of your life is still a prospect worth sacrificing for.  Just like any other, going for treatment while still early is still the best way to go.